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das Militär verlässt den Bunker

 and then there was this.

the band formed in 1998, around December 1999 we began to call ourselves brachland. in 2004 we called it a day but soon we rehearsed again - until the very end in summer 2006. the BRACHLAND-BUNKER, our huge rehearsal room, was a place to hang out for the local kids during a time the official youth clubs were shut down by the authorities (or burned down...). we also gave shelter to various other groups, from hiphop to grunge, from punk to metal, sadly it never worked out very well. after 2013 (2014?) we kept that place to ourselves but at that point it already had become difficult. the usual stuff. please clean up the mess you've made by yourself. please remove the trash. by trash I mean you, please die! 

in the end it became impossible for me to use the space I built up and I have left the place now and I'm angry. but there was a time when I used to hang around there daily, usually listening to new records on top volume, drinking & writing until I got totally wasted and went outside to wander around and smash things up. oh and sometimes I recorded some songs. I have released some of them a few years ago on my youtube-channel (not the brachland one...) and even later on bandcamp as MILITÄR but I never felt comfortable with that output. to celebrate the leaving of the BUNKER I have released some kind of a best-of compilation on spotify. check it out! sounds like brachland played by some infernal cavemen. 



well, I'm afraid this picture won't tell the story.

the job has been done one year ago and I have only kept the last few tapes and minidiscs, all the rest is long gone now. there were two boxes (and hundreds of tapes therein) as I used to record every single rehearsal by my band brachland, so all the good ideas we had didn't get lost. but of course with new ideas every week (and some lazy ass band lol) we forgot about most of them. since I have to tug tons of stuff everytime I move flat, I wanted to get rid of things I don't need anymore. but this band has always meant everything to me and I remembered some funny stories I didn't want to throw away. the hostility we each showed each other everytime the band split up again or someone got kicked out has left some wounds. but I want to remember the band again as what it used to be: I was able to spit out my anger and looking back this was the first time people put some trust in me. so whenever there were problems downstairs in our rehearsal room ("the bunker") the authorities called me and asked to sort it out as they knew I can do it.

so. what you get now is 2 hours and 12 minutes of very very funny jokes (in our native language, you won't understand a word) and infernal noise as all those tapes were recorded on the very same portable cassette players we carried around when drinking in the streets. hear us making fun of the cover-band that used to rehearse next door (not on this recording: "Sleeping In My Car", "Rockin' All Over The World"/"Whatever You Want" and their painful adaption of "Paranoid") and re-arranging some of the best chart hits in the year 2000 (not on this record: "The Venga-Bus Is Coming"). there is a dozen of really cool ideas we used to (errr...) jam around with and I tried to include all the old songs, noone ever heard but us. unfortunately I wasn't able to save a tape or minidisc containing the songs "Scientology City" (sweet poppy guitar by Michi aka Ronner), "Schatten Über Könitz" (has a Samba-part that made no sense) and a song, marked as "instrumental". "BRACHLAND Theme", "Trümmerfeld" and "Ende Des Jahres" never were played as full band and abandoned after one night.

but yeah - I'm pretty satisfied with what I can present to you now.
it wouldn't work as a cassette of course but I have decided to divide the tracks in a way it looks like side A and side B. and since there are twelve tracks on each side we have another 212 reference. hooray!

side A
1.01 about this tape [1]
1.02 zirkus/intro/excerpts/amok (TOLLWUT-cover) [3]
1.03 mänus neu/körperwärme* [3]//mänus alt*/bupo (doom version)//excerpts [2]
1.04 excerpts**/ich schrei**/visitors (PERKELE-cover)**/excerpts [2]
1.05 excerpts/horror/stalker [2]
1.06 excerpts&covers [2]
1.07 excerpts/heul doch hippie! [2]
1.08 junk (live@reitschule, pfingsten 2001, first concert w/ Graber) [2]//excerpts&covers [1.4]
1.09 intro/5 episoden (first song ever played to an audience) [1.4]
1.10 3098/my aim is true/bombs of peace (UPRIGHT CITIZENS-cover)/the Jeremy Days [1.4]
1.11 halt's maul hippie! [1.4]
1.12 düre [1.4]

side B
2.01 summer jam [1.4]
2.02 vendetta! [1.4]
2.03 excerpts&covers/krawitz outro [1.4]
2.04 excerpts (incl. grindcore, freejazz & wie machst du das matthias?) [1.4]/[1.3]
2.05 3098 [1.3]
2.06 vendetta! [1.2]  
2.07 februar (aka anti-nazi) [1.2]
2.08 excerpts&covers*** (incl. nihilism) [1.2]
2.09 uncool (first ever BRACHLAND-track!) [1.1]
2.10 abrupt [1.1]
2.11 D.W.G. [1.2]
2.12 excerpts&covers**** [1]

*voc: Mänu
**voc/git/tröte: Graber, drums: Brian/Lepra
***drums: Cramaha
****voc: MILITÄR DISCOTHEK NÜRNBERG aka BAF (live@Kupferschmitte Langnau)

brachland on this album:
[1.1] ~1998-1999
Lepra (voc)/Cinä (bass)/Bertschy (drums)/Mänu (git)
[1.2] & later 1999
Lepra (voc, keys)/Cinä (bass)/Bertschy (drums)/Ronner (git)/Mänu (git)
[1.3] ~1999-2000
Lepra (voc, bass)/Bertschy (drums)/Ronner (git)/Mänu (git)
[1.4] ~2000-2001
Lepra (voc, bass)/Bertschy (drums, voc)/Brian (git)/Mänu (git, voc)
[2] ~2001-2004
Lepra (voc, bass)/Graber (drums, voc)/Brian (git)/Mänu (git, voc)
Lepra (voc, bass)/Flöru (git)/Saxopedro (promises, promises...)/Nagel (fussflöte)/Mänu (vibraphon)

brachland-Sketch by Pädu <3

the cover shows an entry next to the 212-Bunker which used to be located outside a school called OSZ.
OZK respectively during the first line-up of the band.
a band, whose founding members used to visit that very school years ago...


please don't forget to check the SNIPPLE BASTARDS-tape as well!
the OZK SUCKS-tape is mainly rehearsal room stuff, 

brachland lyrics Part 3

coming up next: lyrics used for the third incarnation of brachland

plus I added some extra-cheese. "fond" sometimes was called "stalker" and the lyrics changed from time to time, below you'll find two versions. we started in line-up 2 with this song and after a while people got a little angry with me because of the constant rearranging.

"Statue" and "Vergiss Mi Jetzt" are the best songs by line-up3, the melody for "Vergiss Mi Jetzt" is by Mänu. Flöru brought the main riff for "HC" and has become one of the most-played tracks on spotify. another top tune on spotify and another controversial one on here is "knöcheltief". you'll find this track also on a compilation of international hardcore bands created by the drummer of ABANDON CAUSE in 2016. Thanks!
I was never satisfied with "Poser" (another riff by Flöru), the lyrics for this one and "knöcheltief" were just made to please our audience. in fact "Poser" went a bit viral on youtube but that video is now gone and I changed the lyrics for the release day in ...well well well... 2016. made several efforts and never cam to an end because there was too much I wanted to include. in the end I started freestyling and then rewrote and rerecorded this freestyle, using some of the original parts but you'll have to listen to this by yourself as now I'm only adding the old "Poser" lyrics. "Back On The Map" is a fun song, dissing some ex-members and a famous coverband from a nearby town. "Vendetta!" has some lyrical changes in the 2006 version and I don't know Mänus lyrics for "Strahlend Schön".
but I know a few songs more! we used to work on "Borchert" in line-up3 but it never sounded right. "Nihilism" is a lost song from line-up1 or 2, all the other lyrics once were in the pipeline but weren't even used in a moment of jamming. "Tobsucht" was written before the band even existed and originally was meant to be the theme song of the band - until the apperance of  this short-lifed german art-rap-group using the same name.
same here. "Affront" was meant to be a recreation of "Februar/Anti-Nazi" (and had a part stolen/dedicated to DIE AERONAUTEN) but the rest of the band didn't show up a lot sometimes, so I forgot about this one. the music for "Tat&Wahrheit" was stolen by GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA - the band also responsible for brachland choosing to use their native language after the first period in german. people first couldn't understand why we did so but with growing popularity of the local hiphop-artist, all of them also rapping in bärndütsch it simply became cool and more than one band just jumped on that train. "Motivation" is a diss-track against the shitty band some ex-members of brachland formed.
"Figg Dini Fründin" is one of my personal faves but I'm not sure if I really planned to use this song for the band. "Egoshooter" was written after the split of line-up3 and after I had written "Motivation". "Tango Für Timon" should have become a brachland-smash-hit, same as the untitled track that was called "Alarm" later because the music was stolen by THE ALARMs "Across The Border". these four songs eventually were included in the MILITÄR release and maybe presented earlier on my youtube-channel. using the same picture as shown on bandcamp adding "Militär" and "Alarm" to the title it attracted the wrong kind of persons and they ripped me to shreds in the comment box. I have never seen so many dislikes on any yt-video before and after.
and finally here are some more lyrics I wrote during that time and used for non-band activities but still related to everything
oh! I forgot about the song called "Vorhang"...

brachland lyrics Part 1&2

there was a nice buzz around brachland even before we played our first show. people weren't allowed to visit us during rehearsals but people just knew this is gonna be a great band. I remember getting on the bus once and - in the last row - there was this huge Edding-painting of pure heavy metal imagery - and on top: our logo! definitely not my work :D but thanks anyway! 

our song "3098" was responsible for an aggressive series of vandalism - especially on the bus & train lines that led to our small village and we had to drop our first bandname because of some very active members or friends of the band promoting the group via graffiti. 

but a major impetus for our popularity was the fact we were on the internet. the public web was still pretty young back then and showing some presence was influencing. our page was established by some nice lad - also responsible for the visual appearance of a small but radical group called A.R.G. that soon attracted some attention by authorities you really don't want to have around. 

brachland and the A.R.G. suddenly were in the main focus of a local neofascist group that was led by some total-nutter. at the same time the band was accused of being this-and-that by the heroes that posted stuff on indymedia, sharing informations that you were only able to know if you were around and visiting our concerts. and since I didn't work most of the time and daily drinking I had lots of time to feel responsible and answer each and every accusation on the web. one night some (then-) close friend told me: "you gotta check indymedia! earlier today we've written some more bullshit about your band there, let's see how people react!" and I had to realize it's mostly ourselves taking part of those discussions about our band, everyone else was just scrolling...

anyway -  we had our homepage and I used that thing to publish some essays and political rants. lots of positive feedback there. and most important: people constantly were moaning not being able to understand what I was "singing" and we never printed that lyric sheet planned - so the song lyric were finally available to check via our page. 

during the last few years I crawled through the tons of paper I kept from the brachland-days. I was always sad we weren't able to use more of these lyrics but bandmembers weren't always that dedicated to what we were doing. reading the old stuff is ok. but today I'm glad some lyrical thoughts never made it out there. I'm happy even most of the political lyrics were written from my own personal stance. some later stuff in line-up-three was just written for the cause but didn't represent myself even back then. back then I was just happy having my mate around me but musically and lyrically I was entering new territories while the punk/political scene tended to look backwards. and now? 2021?! I have changed, the world has changed - and some things never will, I guess.  

but let's turn back the clock now. 

This is the table of contents in an old lyrics-folder, listing our songs in order of starting to work on them: 

These are three pages of the lyric-sheet we planned to print:

 (missing track names: "Kryptonit" & "Heul doch, Hippie!")
(missing track names: "aube schad", "Ariel/KORTATU-Cover", 
early version of "Episode2", "BuPo", "Nicht so wie Du", "Yuko", "Sarg")
the rest of the old songs:

in autumn 2003 we were contacted by some local blackmetal/industrial/ambient-label. the guy that used to run the label was interested in Hardcore/Punk. in fact he even had a fun-project going on for years, playing some early-german-hardcore-style tracks. lyrics were disgusting but personally I thought, this is some edgy art-stuff and we wanted to release our racket at last! plan was to release a split-12" or 10" record with the guys band on the flipside, the label pays. I decided to pay half the costs (because I wanted to start my own label anyway) and everything seemed to be fine. we recorded some songs at the 212-Bunker (our rehearsal room and hang-out-place for local kids) using professional microphones Graber (and his family) and Brian were able to offer and my family (thanks!) drove around the get the equipment. Graber had some ideas how to record everything with the limited conditions we had and did an amazing job, Mänu painted some fantastic record covers for us but as you all may know: in the end there was no vinyl release. 
during the recording sessions/a little bit in advance/a little later it became obvious we're not going to carry on the band. maybe do a release show and try again after some months of recreation or release the record as finale. the record label suddenly pulled out anyway and first I planned to release the album on my own. but with the band breaking up and myself moving to a new flat everything else became more important than this piece of work. what you can see below is the original insert of the split-version - seven tracks, one of them not mentioned. the later (brachland only) version would have been very similar to our "Bunker '04" album on bandcamp
money wasn't such a big problem (yeah go on and tell the contrary lol) but I will be in love forever with that first album by BABY JAIL including ads for their friends store. when I was a kid there were lots of record stores and I spent my free time hanging around BRO, CHOP, Q-TIPS and especially the RECORD JUNKIE (vinyl & tapes - CDs used to be the enemy!). later, when I started buying CDs I also became a regular at the more common shops. and even OPUS71 was an expensive one, I went sometimes there because the shop had a modern vibe (and one of the employees looked a bit like Tracey Thorn). this shop was specialized in leftfield music, jungle/triphop/electronic stuff, jazz and classical music and suddenly there was this huge collection of re-released British Oi! and Punk-classics. that's how I became friends with Stef & Sam - the two guys behind the counter, that also started the ROCKAWAY BEACH-store when OPUS71 closed its doors. ROCKAWAY BEACH again was critizised by the local punkscene because of their high prizes ("but still I'd buy that EXPLOITED-hoodie for 60quid") but in fact this was a real punk record shop! and when Sam sold his old record collection (he was there from day one but changed style a bit and ran some metal & hardcore record shop before moving to Berne) he never ask for silly collector prizes. and that's the reason why we planned to print an ad on our inlay. when seeing the draft Sam just asked: "you know our ad is the only thing you're able to read here?!" and handed over some cash. so. good memories. good people.

Pfifus RECORD JUNKIE was just about to fold in while we were recording, so there was no sense in showing some support anymore but this shop will be remembered forever! ROCKAWAY BEACH still exists but is now run by some REITHALLE THUN-dudes, if you're into glamrock you should check them out (same address as above). CHOP RECORDS used to be located at (almost) the very same address on which you can find ROCKAWAY BEACH today, later moved to the center of the city (records & cds on two floors!) but sadly lost all the customers and was relocated to a basement before closing in 2017. go and visit SERGE&PEPPERS if you're in Berne in search of the CHOP vibe. The RECORD JUNKIE vibe you probably will find at VOODOO RHYTHM HARDWARE STORE but make sure chief Beat-Man himself is around. otherwise you probably will get served by some nauseating heavy metal type guy. there may other record shops we around, every one and then a new one pops up but I have lost contacts a bit and at the moment shops are closed anyway. while you're probably sitting at home, panting for physical releases you should check out 

sincerly yours
the artist formerly known as Lepra

Freitag, 19. Februar 2021

print the web

Thanks #164//Autonome Randgruppe A.R.G. for your work back in 2001 :) 

Thanks Rudolph Dietrich (Blue China/Nasal Boys/Kraft Durch Freude/Mutterfreuden etc) 

for the helping hand during the brachland-myspace-days :)